V.I.Pace Runners Bulletin: 32nd 3Kings Mile...
Smith Wins 3 In A Row!

3kings mile start 2014

Juan Robles is currently the top distance runner for the Virgin Islands National Team; Mireille Smith is an All-American distance runners who won an NCAA title and now coaches her children and the St.Croix Track Club.  Both are familiar with the fast and slightly downhill 3Kings Mile course in Frederiksted.  Since the Crucian Festival 3Kings Parade made a permanent move from Christiansted in the 90’s, runners take advantage of the sloping course from Claude O. Markoe School to King St. and Fort Frederik, the route for the parade.

Robles cruised through 800m market at the corner of Fisher and King Streets in 2:07 and to the finish of the 1 mile race to take top honors in 4:19.  Kelvin Benjamin of the St.Croix Track Club was second in 4:48 and Randall Nielsen of Superior Court was third in 4:52.

Smith, mom to Michele, Mikaela, Michele and Malique, needed to hold off Rachel Conhoff, finished first for the three years in a row with a time of 5:42; Rachel Conhoff of St.Croix Track Club was a close second in 5:44 and Karen Dascent surprised to take third in 5:49.


Barthelemy Peter, Shlomo Willilams and Shumell Williams were the top male junior finishers; Deanna Roumo, Collette Cooney and Ashlee Paddie took the honors for the females.

Teddy Seymour, Will Franks and Willie Lewis took honors in the masters age group.

********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS FOR 1MILE RACE ***********

1  JUAN Robles 24 V.I.Pace Runners   4:19

2  KELVIN Benjamin 20 St.Croix, TC   4:48

3  RANDALL Nielsen 46 St.Croix, VI   4:52

4  BARTHELEMY Peter 15 St.Croix TC   5:12

5  NICKOLAS Franks 29 St.Croix, VI   5:25

6  SHLOMO Williams 17 Eulalia Rivera TC   5:58

7  SHMUEL Williams 15 Eulalie Rivera TC   6:19

8  KEVIN Cooney 16 Chicago, IL   6:39

9  TEDDY Seymour 70 V.I.Pace Runners   6:45

10  WILL Franks 66 St.Croix, VI   7:06

11  WILLIE Lewis 55 Eulalie Rivera TC   9:49  



1  MIREILLE Smith 44 St.Croix, TC   5:42  

2  RACHEL Conhoff 14 St.Croix TC   5:44

3  KAREN Dascent 17 St.Croix TC   5:49

4  DEANNA Roumo 16 St.Croix TC   5:52

5  COLLETTE Cooney 14 Chicago, IL   6:17

6  ASHLLEY Paddie 17 St.Croix TC   6:31


7  NIKKOIYA Cromwell 15 St.Croix TC   6:40  

8  MALCAH Brown 16 St.Croix, VI   8:06

9  SIGALEET Brown 16 St.Croix, VI   9:37


Junior Boys

1 BARTELEMY Peter        5:12
2 SHlOMO Williams        5:58
3 SHUMEL Williams        6:19
4 KEVIN Cooney            6:39

Junior Girls

1 DEANNA Roumo          5:52
2 COLLETTE Cooney       6:17
3 ASHLEE Paddie             6:31
4 KIKKOIYA Cromwell     6:40
5 MALCAH Brown           8:06
6 SIGALEET Brown          9:37


Runners Celebrate 60th Anniversary of The Crucian Christmas Festival
Running of the 31st Annual 3Kings Mile...

Start…31st Annual 3Kings Mile…#18 Malique Smith…
#18 Mireille Smith V.I.Pace Runners Photo

Jan. 5, 2013--St. Croix Virgin Islands-- is the case in most local competition, the battle for supremacy exists and eventually a new winner surfaces.  Such was the case in the running of the 31st Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race.  The race kicks off the annual Crucian Christmas Festival Adult Parade; it covers the two mile parade route which starts at the Claude O. Markoe School and finishes at historic Fort Frederik.

After dominating the Children Race (13 and under ) for years, Malique Smith of the St. Croix Track Club moved up to the 3Kings Mile last year and was impressive as he chased veteran Billy Bohlke down King St. It would be different this year as he took the lead from the start and held it to take first place with a time of 4 minutes 26 seconds.  The performance tied his father’s (Keith) time that he set when he was a college student/athlete at Florida A&M University.  Bohlke had his hands full not only in the race, but at work as his company is responsible for the turn-around of Air Force 1, the plane for the Vice-President of the USA; he put in a strong challenge to take second in 4:38; Rodney Griffin of SCTC was third in 4:55.

Bryant Nix visiting from USA led the field of masters runners (over 40) with a tiem o 5:06 for fourth overall; Randall Nielsen was the second Master finisher in 5:11 for fifth overall and took third in that group and sixth overall with a time of 5:20.  Other age-group winners included: Cooper Crowther under 10 Boys; James Beck under 8 Boys.

Mireille Smith SCTC (Malique’s mom) defended her title in the race with a performance that saw her time improved from last year as she finished seventh overall in the race with a time of 5:29; Diana Roumo of SCTC was second in 6:09 and Dulcie Crowther was third in 6:28.

Age group winners include: Alexis Folger over 45; Opal Beck under 10.

Coming event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar: The 28th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Fort-To-Fort Run Christiansted January 20, 6am…The 4th Annual St.Croix Scenic 50Mile Run Christiansted January 27…The Cruise-To-Run 5K Prediction Race Frederiksted January 28, 9am

The 3Kings Mile was organized by: The Virgin Islands Pace Runners and sanctioned by the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation

For information logon to: http://virginislandspace.org call: 340-643-2557 email: wallacewilliams@msn.com

Mireille Smith takes first in 3Kings Mile…V.I.Pace Runners Photo

The Finishers Male:

1.Malique Smith 15 St. Croix Track Club 4:26;
2. Billy Bohlke 30 V.I.Pace Runners 4:38;
3. Rodney Griffin 14 SCTC 4:55
4. Bryant Nix 40 Philadelphia 5:06:
5. Randall Nielsen 40 Territorial Court 5:11;
6. Steve Horness 40 St. Croix 5:20;
7. Sebastian Franks 30 5:32;
8. Jack Daniel 16 Educational Complex High School 5:45;
9. Robin Franks 5:46;
10. Shlomo Williams 16 6:10;
11. James Beck 8 FWBS 6:15;
12. Stephen Beck 7 FWBS 6:34;
13. Cooper Crowther 10 Good Hope School 6:35;
14. Teddy Seymour 70 V.I.Pace Runners 6:55;
15. Peter Forrester 40 6:58;
16. Will Franks 60 7:08;
17. Jaden Jackson 15 ECHS 7:33;
18. Samuel Beck 6 FWBS 7:35;
19. Shmmel Williams 14 7:46;
20. Dave Ziemmer 40 8:04;
21. Willie Lewis 50 9:29;
22. Robert Burke 40 10:15

The Finishers Female:

1.Mierelle Smith SCTC 5:29;
2. Diana Roumo 15 SCTC 6:09;
3. Dulcie Crowther 40 6:28;
4. Ashley Paddie  16 SCTC 6:28;
5. Shamyah Burke 14 SCTC 6:35;
6. Alexis Folger 30 6:36;
7. Jaden Jackson 15 SCTC 7:33;
8. Opal Beck 8 FWBS 7:34;
9. Sarah Reardon 30 7:59;

Francis and Smith are 3Kings Mile champions… 

Francis                          Mirelle Smith

January 2, 2010--St. Croix, Virgin Islands--Dareon Francis of the Baracudas Track Club/St. Croix Educational Complex won his first road race with a first place finish in the 28th 3Kings Mile on Saturday.  The one mile trek along the annual Cucian Christmas Festival parade route take the runners from the Claude O. Markoe School to King St. and Fort Frederik.  Francis was one of the lead-pack runners throughout the race which was led by Justin Hitesman a former ECHS student/athlete now living in Texas.  Hitesman led the way to the 800m and half-way mark which at the corner of Fisher and King St.  The crowd in waiting for the parade gave the runners the needed lift at this point.  Francis, actually lost one of his shoes as he approached half-way and was now faced with the challenge of taking the lead with half the race to go.  This he did to win the race in 4 minutes and 39 seconds.  Hitesman was second in 5:08; Shamoi Garcia of the St. Croix Track Club was third in 5:22; Oliver Hanley of SCTC was fourth in 5:40; George Willock was fifth in 5:41; Fred Flint was the first place masters finisher and sixth overall in 6:08; Terrance Nelson was seventh and the second masters finisher in 6:30; Will Franks was eighth and the third masters finisher in 6:47 and Willie Lewis was ninth and the fourth masters finisher in 8:02.  Mirelle Smith of the St. Croix Track Club and former All-America middle distance runner, was the first female finisher in the race and fourth overall in 5:29; Jazmine Willocks of SCTC was second in  6:08 and Shirley Gomes was third in 8:15; Ayana Noel was fourth in 14:15.

For information contact the Virgin Islands Pace Runners 340-643-2557 http://virginislandspace.org

Robles still king of the 3Kings Mile road race…Barnard first female to run the race under 5 minutes… 

     1/1/09 St. Croix, Virgin Islands---What was to be a battle between the top high school middle distance runner in the V.I. (Seymour Walter of the Jr. Barracudas of St.Croix Educational Complex High School) and his predecessor Juan Robles, now of Turabo University In Puerto Rico and defending 3Kings Mile champ, wasn’t to be as Walter didn’t show up for the race.  Robles took the group out fast and wasn’t seriously challenged as he eased across the finish line in 4 minutes and 19 seconds to match his time of 2008.  Ian Cuffy of the St.Croix Track Club and the University of the Virgin Islands St.Croix Campus, had a strong race in finishing second in 4:34; Jonathan Fontanberry  of the Hounds and Foxes Track Club was third in 5:25; Felix Navaro of the SCTC was the top school runner and fourth in 6:43; Will Franks was the top master runner and fifth in 6:45; David Ziemer with Seaborne Airlines was the top sub-masters runner and sixth in 7:33.

      Ninfa Barnard of the St.Croix Track Club set a new record for females in the 27 year history of the race by covering the mile which is traditionally run on the Crucian Christmas Festival Parade route in a very fast 4:57 the first under five minutes performance for a female runner.  Mireille Smith of the St.Croix Track Club, and an All-Ameican middle distance runner in college who shares coaching duties for Ninfa with her husband Keith who was bronze medalist in the 1991 Pan Am Games V.I. 4 x100 team was the second female finisher in 5:33; Kayla Smith of SCTC was third in 6:33; Jennah-Li Jackson of SCTC won the school girl category and was fourth in 7:20; Cat Austin Franks was the top female masters runner for fifth in 5:56 and Jaquithia Gardner of SCTC finished sixth in 9:30 

For information logon to: http://virginislandspace.org call 340-643-2557 

The next running event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar is the Martin Luther King Fort-To-Fort 25K on Sunday January 18 at 6am…this is a memorial run, not a race…run at your own pace.

V.I.Pace Runners Bulletin #1-5-08 Robles and Barnard repeat winners in annual 3Kings Mile Road Race 

Juan Robles home on vacation from college showed that he is still the dominating junior runner in the V.I. as he coasted to victory in the 26th Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race which starts off the festival parade.  Robles with high school runner Seymour Walter on his heels went through the half-mile point in a quick 2 minutes and 1 seconds and held the lead all the way to win with a time of 4:19.  Walters of the St.Croix Educational Complex High School and the strongest high school cross-country runner for the year, finished second in 4:29; Dexter Hypolite of the University of the Virgin Islands was third in 5:09; Earnest Mitchell, the third place finisher in the St.Croix International Marathon on New Year’s Day and former member of the V.I. National Cross-Country Team was fourth in 5:33; George Mitch of ECHS was fifth in 5:40; Akil Andrews was sixth in 5:53; Teddy Seymour, the first Black man to sail around the world alone was seventh in 6:09; Arselcuk Omer was eighth in 7:11; David Zienner was ninth in 7:13; Wille Lewis, track coach at Eulalie Rivera Elementary School, was tenth in 9:10 

Sherma Aurelien a CARIFTA Games 4th place finisher at 800 meters dominated the cross-country season and had a good lead in the race from Claude O.Markoe School to Fort Fredrik.  It was at approximately 75 meters to the finish that she was caught and passed by high school runner Ninfa Barnard of the SCTC.  Barnard defended her title with a first place time of 5:10; Aurelien took second in 5:19; Mireille Smith of the SCTC and Malique’s and Mikella’s mon was third in 5:31; Kennishah Phillip of SCTC was fourth and the first 13 and under girls finisher in 7:25; Darcie Mahurt was fifth in 8;13; Jackie Gardner of SCTC was sixth in 8:42; and Hope Hood of SCTC was seventh in 9:45 

For information logon to http://virginislandspace.org  email: wallacewilliams@msn.com 340-643-2557

V.I.Pace Runners Bulletin # 1-6-07 

Top road runners in the V.I. excel from mile to the marathon in festive tradition… 

Road races in St. Croix over the holidays from distances of 800 meters (The 20th Annual Children Race before the annual Children’s Parade on Friday); to the mile (The 25th Annual 3Kings Mile before the annual 3Kings Parade on Saturday) to the 26.2 mile marathon (The 5th St. Croix International Marathon no New Year’s Day) were center stage and run under ideal conditions.  All races were held in Frederiksted; the top runners in the V.I. maintained their status as Billy Bohlke and Theresa Harper held their own in the marathon with 2nd and 1st place finishes respectfully; They held their own in the mile as well.  Malique Smith and Ninfa Barnard did the same in the Children Race and the 3Kings Mile with first place finishes.  

In the 3Kings Mile, top high school runner, Juan Robles of St. Croix Central High School, hammered the early part of the race as he crossed the 800 meters (half-way) in 1 minute and 59 seconds, Bohlke was on him and just a second behind by a second in 2 minutes.  The experienced Bohlke closed the gap with 600 meters to go and won the race in a fast 4 minutes and 10 seconds; Robles was second in 4:15 and George Willocks was third  in 5:16.  Ninfa Barnard ran a very strong race as she led from the beginning to finish first in 5:18; Mirelle Smith, former national team athlete of Surinam, took second place in 5:23 and Theresa Harper was third in 5:45.

Finishers High School Girls 3Kings Mile 

1.Jessica James 6:02; 2. Karissa Cave 6:47; 3. Kayanne Cave 7:44 

Finishers Senior Male 

1.Teddy Seymour 5:49; 2. Will Franks 6:08; 3. Neville Peters 9:31 

Finishers Masters Female 

1.Bina Gario 6:54; 2. Cat Franks 8:46; 3. Lisa Brown 9:30 

The Finishers The 3Kings Mile Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 4:10; 2. Juan Robles 4:15; 3. George Willocks 5:16; 4. Nicholas Franks 5:22; 5. Robin Franks 5:39; 6. Sebastian Franks 5:49; 7. Teddy Seymour 5:49; 8. Will Franks 6:08; Neville Brown 9:30; Willie Lewis 10:07

 The Finishers The 3Kings Mile Female: 

1.Ninfa Barnard 4:10; 2. Mirelle Smith 5;23; 3. Theresa Harper 5:45; 4. Erica Sweitzer 5:53; 5. Jessica James 6:02;  6. Karissa Cave 6:42; 7. Bina Gario 7:44; 8. Lisa Brown 6:30 

Finishers 13 and Under Male 

1.Felix Navarro 2:32; 2. Erik Williams 2:53; 3. Christoph Wilson 2:59 

Finishers 13 and Under Female 

1.Karen Dascent 2:41; 2. Jazmine Willock 2:47; 3. Zhondra Carty 2:57 

Finishers Under 10 Boys 

1.Malique Smith 2:28; 2. Barthelemy Peter 2:59; 3. D’Quan Daniel 3:18 

Finishers Under 10 Girls 

1.Jamaris Washshah 3:07; 2. Mikaela Smith 3:19; 3. Dominique Willock 3:2

For immediate release January 7, 2006 

Robles Repeats, Harper Wins 3rd year in a row the 3King Mile Road Race 

1-7-06 Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands--The 24th 3Kings Mile Road Race had six people run under five minutes today with high school star Juan Robles of the St. Croix Central High School leading the way to defend his 05’ title with a time of 4 minutes 18 seconds, eleven seconds faster than his time last year.  Early in the race Vieques, Puerto Rico runners Eliezer Allejandro and Carlos Navarro set a fast pace up to the quarter mile, Robles took and held the lead going into the half-mile mark in 2 minutes 2 seconds.  He held his lead as hundreds of onlookers cheered the runners on the 3Kings festival parade route to the finish at Fort Frederik on King St.  Eliezer Alejandro of Vieques was the second place finisher in 4:43 just ahead of Carlos Navarro also of Vieques who finished third in 4:43.  Peter Garcia, from Vieques was fourth in 4:55;  and Calvin Dascent of St. Croix Educational Complex High School was fifth in 4:56. 

Theresa Harper was the repeat female winner in the race for the third year in a row with a time of 5:33, Earthla Augustin was second in 5:59; Mackiesh Taylor of the ECHS was third in 6:02; Kichima Torres of Vieques was fourth in 6:21; Jesica James of the Burnley Dragons TC was fifth in 6:27. 

Teddy Seymour was the top finisher for runners over 60 with a time of 5:45 Larry Williams was second in 6:56.  Will Franks was the top finisher for 50 and over runners in 6:17, Stuart Ketchum was second in 6:30.  Allison Peters (the mother of Syndey and Cheynae Rogers) ran an impressive race for women over forty and was second to Earthla Augustin with a time of 6:29; Cindy Kirksey was third in 9:48.

Robles and Harper Continue Wins,
Victors in 3Kings Mile…

1/8/05--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Fifteen year old Juan Robles, a sophomore a The St. Croix Educational Complex High School is the premier middle distance high school runner in the Virgin Islands. He is unbeaten by any other school runner on the road and in cross-country.  On Saturday at the 23rd Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race at the start of the parade in Frederiksted, he sprinted to the lead in the first quarter mile and built his lead from there to finish first in 4 minutes and 29 seconds. Mike Klein surprised everyone with a second place finish in 5:14 and only a week after finishing fourth in the St.Croix Millennium Marathon; Angel Martinez of St.Croix Central High School and first timer for the race finished third in 5:17; was fourth in 5:28. In a battle for the masters title, Senator Louis Hill finished first and fifth in the masters category in 5:40; Teddy Seymour was second and six in the masters in 5:44; Mike Hill was the third masters and sixth place male in 6:58; Senator Ronald Russell, President of the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation was seventh in 7:01 and Johathan Distad was eighth in 7:59. 

Theresa Harper solidified her position as the top V.I. road runner and follow her victory in the January 1 St. Croix Marathon with a first place finish in 5:39; Tesha Distad was second in 5:59; Ania Grant was third in 6:04. 

The 3Kings Mile Road Race Kicks off Parade 

01/04/04 St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The 22nd Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race is one of the races that  Billy Bohlke has won a number of times.  He grew up right down the road in Frederiksted  started running as a child and would later walk-on at Louisiana State University and become the school’s top miler on the NCAA Division I National Championship team.  On Saturday he ran a personal best time to win the race in 4 minutes and 9 seconds, just two seconds off the course record. Fourteen year-old Juan Robles, a freshman at St.Croix Central High School led the group through the first quarter of a mile with a pace that helped set up the near record time, he finished second overall and was the top junior finisher in 4:33. Fifty-two year old Greg Johnson, a teacher at John H. Woodson Jr. High School and a perennial  top finisher in the race, was third and the top masters finisher with a time of 4:51.  Theresa Harper, a teacher at the St.Croix Country Day School ran a twelve mile training run before her race and took first place for females overall and first place masters in 5:38, one of her best times in the event.  Mackiesh Taylor of the Barracudas Track Club was second in 6:05 and first junior and a personal record.  Jolene Edwards of St.Croix Central High School was third in 6:09 and Jo Shim was fourth in 6:40 and the top senior finisher. Teddy Seymour was the top senior male winner in 5:36. Senator Ronald Russell ran the race in 6:44.  Governor Turnbull, Lt. Governor Vargrave Richards and Pam Richards, Commissioner of the Department of Tourism signed special race certificates and presented awards to all participants.  

The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 4:09; 2. Juan Robles 4:33; 3.Greg Johnson 4:51; 4. Leopold Fredericks 5:02; 5. Mike Klien 5:10; 6. Sebastian Franks 5:10; 7. Hansel Estapan 5:11; 8. Jose Reyes 5:32; 9. Teddy Seymour 5:36; 10. Macdonald Taylor 5:51; 11. Scott Fricks 5:57; 12. Erol Chichester 5:58; 12. John McGololhgin 6:05; 13. Ronald Russell 6:44 

The Finishers Female: 1. Theresa Harper 5:38; 2. Mackiesh Taylor 6:05; 3. Jolene Edwards 6:09; 4. Jo Shim 6:40 

Youth Male:

1.Hansel Estapan, John H. Woodson Jr. High School 5:11; 2. Jose Reyes, JHW 5:32 

Open Male: 

1.Sebastian Franks 5:10 

Masters  Male: 

1.Leopold Fredericks 5:02; 2. Mike Klein 5:10; 3. Macdonald Taylor 5:51 

Masters Male Over 50 

1.Greg Johnson 4:51 

Senior Male Over 60: 5:36 

1.Teddy Seymour 5:36 

Youth Female: 

1.Mac Kiesh Taylor, Jr. Baracudas Track  Club 6:05 

Junior Female: 

1.Jolene Edwards, St.Croix Central High School 6:09 

Master Female: 

1.Theresa Harper 5:38 

Senior Female: 

1.Jo Shim 6:40 

Road Runners Celebrate In Crucian Festival… 

04/01/03 Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands--Billy Bohlke and Ruth Ann David are the fastest middle runners in the Virgin Islands.  They proved it on Saturday in the annual 3Kings Mile Road Race which serves as the kick-off of the annual Crucian Festival--3Kings Parade.  Bohlke, a recent graduate of Louisana University, the current Division I NCAA Track and Field Champions, took the lead going to the quarter-mile mark in 70 seconds and half way in 2:10 and never gave it up to cruise across the finish line at the Scale House on King St. in 4 minutes 34 seconds. Greg Johnson, Veteran of V.I. National Cross-Country Team was the second place finisher in 4:59.73; Morgan Locke a top St.Croix Marlins swimmer and Country Day School student, was the first high school male finisher and third overall in 5:05.58.   

Ruth Ann David, a member of the Virgin Islands National Cross-Country Team and Central America and Caribbean National Team was the first place female to finish the race, her time was 5:20.49; Rachel Witty, racing in her carnival costume, finished second in 5:53.35; Theresa Harper, not yet recovered from her winning marathon performance on Wednesday, finished third and was the first master’s female in 5:55.76. 

Troyson Raymond was the top junior high school finisher in 5:24.50; Mackish Taylor, of the Barracudas Track Club was the first children’s finisher in 6:18.83; Alphonso Andrews was the first master’s finisher in 5:05.88; Julissa Copeman of St. Croix Central High School was the first high school female in 6:45.22; Jo Shim was the first senior female finisher in 6:24.37.

The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 4:34.16; 2.Greg Johnson 4:59.73; 3.Morgan Locke 5:05.58; 4.Alphonso Andrews 5:05.88; 5.George Willocks 5:16.34; 6.Troyson Raymond 5:24.50; 7.Lucien Wallace 5:38.33; 8.Leopold Fredericks 5:41.81; 9.Isreal Attmath 5:42.71; 10.Akil Andrews 5:45.14; 11.McDonald Taylor 5:48.73; 12.Brono Motoute 5:51.35; 13.Kamal Russell 5:59.50; 14.Erol Chichester 6:15.44; 15.Scott Fricks 6:26.27; 16.Stuart Ketchum 6:44.35; 17.Calvin Dasant 6:54.61; 18. Calvin Dasant Jr. 7:05.30; 19.Ronald Russell 7:09.35 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Ruth Ann David 5:20.49; 2.Rachel Witty 5:53.35; 3.Theresa Harper 5:55.76; 4.Earthla Augustin 6:16.59; 5.Mackish Taylor 6:18.83; 6.Jo Shim 6:24.37; 7.Julissa Copeman 6:45.22; 8.Jolene Edwards 6:59.63; 9.Andrea Russell 7:10.72; 10.Judi Fricks 7:14.19 

The next event on the V.I. Pace calendar is the annual Martin Luther King Fort-To-Fort Memorial Run on January 21 at 6am.  The non-competitive run starts at Fort Christianvern in Christiansted and finishes at Fort Frederik in Frederiksted.  

 Bohlke King of the Mile…
1/5/02 St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Billy Bohlke, a senior at Louisiana State 
University, repeated as winner of  the annual 3Kings Mile Road Race on
Saturday.  The 19th running of the event precedes the Three Kings Adult 
Parade and celebration before hundreds of onlookers this year in the historic
 town of Frederiksted.  Bohlke, (the son of William Bohlke, owner of St.Croix’s 
Bohlke Airways, and an 800 meter  runner in his own right in college), is the 
top middle distance runner in  the Virgin Islands and got his early experience 
as a child and running on this very course in his hometown Frederiksted.  
Looking for a sub-four  minute mile, it wasn’t to come this race day as the 
competition just wasn’t  there.  He was well ahead of the field and running a 
solid 4 minutes and 14 seconds for the mile.  Amalee Lockhart secured his 
position as the top high school middle distance runner in the Territory as he 
took on the challenge of older and more experienced runners who led him 
even beyond the half-way  mark.  He recovered to run 4:45.25 just nipping 
Leopold Fredericks at the tape in front of the parade review stand for second
 place. Fredericks time was 4:45.47.  George Cannon came in fourth  in 4:47.56; 
50 year-old Greg  Johnson a teacher at John Woodson Jr. High School, was 
fifth in 4:51.68; Teddy Seymour, the first Black Man to sail around the world solo, 
(the 50+ year-old did it back in 1987—starting and finishing nearby at the pier in
 Frederiksted) the former national college cross-country champion, ran
 5:32.16; Troyson Raymond, the winner of the Children Race the day before,
 was seventh and the first in the 13 and under category in 5:26.30; Luke
 Fredericks was eighth in 6:08.57.
 Earthla Arthur, French teacher at the St.Croix Educational Complex,
 surprised herself and ran took first for females in 6:08.99; Jo Shim, known
 for her outstanding volunteer efforts with V.I. Care and its effort to
 combat AIDS, was second in 6:13.28; Jolene Edwards was third in 6:55.26 and
 Wanda Hamilton, in her first 3Kings Mile, was fourth and first in the
 senior category with a 12:01.59.  Three of the four women top finishers are
 over 40.
 The next event on the V.I. Pace Runners calendar is the annual Martin
 Luther King Fort-To-Fort Run at  6:00 a.m. on Sunday January 13.  This event
 is open to long distance runners and is not a race.  It is a memorial run
 over a course to travel mid-island from Fort Christianvern in Christiansted
 to Fort Frederik in Frederiksted.  The distance is 25 kilometers (15.5
 miles)  Runners who are able to meet the challenge offered by this distance
 are welcome

For Immediate Release January 6, 2001 

Billy Bohlke is the new king of the Three Kings Mile 

The Louisiana State University Crucian, Billy Bohlke became the new king of the annual Three Kings Mile Road Race.  The small competitive field of runners posed little challenge for Bohkle, as he took a slight lead over defending champion, Lawrence Lockhart, at the 400 meter mark in 54 seconds, Lockhart was right on his heals in 56 seconds.   At the half way mark, the start of the Children Race on the previous day, the two runners pulled even in 1 minute 59 seconds.  The passed St.John's Church into Times Square in front the cheering crowd.  Bohkle made is move and put some distance between the two on to the finish.  Lockhart was second in 4:29.13; veteran and John Woodson Jr. High School teacher, was strong in third with a 4:56.07; Amalee Lockhart was fourth in 5:09.92; John McEnroe (not that John McEnroe, but a cousin) was fifth in 5:38.58 and Ronald Russell, President of the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation was sixth in 6:30.95. 

For the first time ever there was a tie for first place in the female Three Kings Mile.  Sherma Aurelien of the St.Croix Educational Complex and Jawana Goodwin of the St.Croix Track Club ran to a dead heat in 5:50.27;  J'Kiwa Goodwin was second in 6:34.58. 

The next event on the Virgin Islands Pace schedule is the annual Martin Luther King Fort-Fort-Memorial 25k run on January 15 (date changed from the traditional Sunday--this year only) at 6:00 a.m. from Fort Christianvern to Fort Frederik.

For Immediate Release January 8, 2000 

Results 3Kings Mile Road Race Frederiksted

Lawrence Lockart, and Evelise Gomez, former V.I. Daily News Athletes of the Week were victorious in running of the 18th Annual Three Kings Miler Road Race in Frederiksted on Saturday.  Lockhart a graduate of the St.Croix Educational Complex and a freshman at Alabama State University where he was the number one runner on the cross-country team, took the early lead in the race which follows the exact route of the St.Croix Festival Adult Parade.  At the 800 meter/half-way point, he started to put distance on the rest of the field and cruised across the finish line at Fort Frederik in 4 minutes and 19 seconds a personal record.  Jabari Goodwin finished strong in second place in 4:28; Greg Johnson was third in 4:38; George Cannon fourth in 4:41 and Leopold Frederik fifth in 4:48. 

Gomez, a freshman at the St.Croix Educational Complex had four women on her heels as she worked to get to the finish line first in 5 minutes and 23 seconds.  Rachel Witty was second in 5:26;  Theresa Harper third in 5:40; Jawanna Goodwin fourth in 5:53 and Jude Woodcock fifth in 5:59.  

The Finishers Male: 

1.Lawrence Lockhart 4:19;  2. Jabari Goodwin 4:28;  3. Greg Johnson 4:38;  4. George Cannon 4:41; 5. Leopold Frederiks 4:48; 6. George Willocks 4:48; 7. Ivan Henry 4:48; 8. Jonathan LeTang 5:05; 9. Julien Pierre 5:10; 10. Barrymore Berley 5:15; 11. Wes Whitehurst 5:44; 12. Joseph Lestrade 5:50; 13. Ryan Stutzman 6:14; 14. Edrick Adams 6:19  

The Finishers Female: 

1. Evelise Gomez 5:23; 2. Rachel Witty 5:26; 3. Theresa Harper 5:40; 4. Jawanna Goodwin 5:53; 5. Jude Woodcock 5:59; 6. Janice Brown 6:00; 7. Jkiwa Goodwin 6:09; 8. Azaleah Galiber 7:34; 9. Marie Elise Witmer 7:47; 10. Susan Armstrong 8:10; 11. Cathy Bennett 8:28 


$100 to Top Male and Female from V.I.Track & Field Federation; $75 Foot Locker Gift Certificate to top Male and Female school finishers from V.I.Pace Runners; $50 Gift Certificate to second place male overall from Annapolis Sailing School; $50 Gift Certificate from Kicks to second place female overall; $25 Gift Certificate to third place male overall from Urban Threadz; $20 Gift to third place female overall from ABS Printing; two free lunches raffle for all participants from Under da Tammin Tree; $15 cash raffle to all participants; Raffle Gift Certificate from Ice Cream Decadence;  medals to top four male and females; V.I.Pace Runners Certificates to all participants.

 For Immediate Release January 2, 1999

Results The Three Kings Mile 1999

Organized by the Virgin Islands Pace Runners

Christiansted, St.Croix, V.I.

Revised 1/4/99 

Billy Bohkle won his first Three Kings Mile road race in Christiansted (he won last year's race in Frederiksted) at the kick-off of the Three Kings Parade with a time of 4 minutes 21 seconds.  Home for the holidays after a successful cross-country season at Louisiana State University, Bohkle edged to the front of the pack at the 400 meter mark in 63 seconds.  He was followed by Lawrence Lockhart III of the St.Croix Educational Complex HS who finished second in 4:26.74; Jabari Goodwin ran a strong race and finished third in 4:40.30; George Cannon was the top master runner and fourth in 4:54.42 and Collin Charles was fifth in 5:58.34. 

Jackie Morgan, also home for the holidays after a successful cross-country season at University of New Mexico ran first for females in 5:25.33 to add to her victory in Thankgiving weekend's V.I.Half-Marathon.  Evalise Gomez of Arthur Richards Jr. High School, took second place in 5:41.08; Jo Shim took the master's honors with a third place time of 5:52.08; Fennel Doyle was fourth in 6:11.28 and Jawana Goodwin of the St.Croix Track Club was fifth in 6:14.37. 

The Finishers Male: 

Place:   Name                           Time:                Age      Organization

1.      Bill Bohkle                         4:21.53            20        Louisiana State University

2.      Lawrence Lockhart II         4:26.74            17        St. Croix Educational Complex HS

3.      Jabari Goodwin                  4:40.30            17        St. Croix Track Club

4.      George Cannon                  4:54.42            42        V.I.Pace Runners

5.      Collin Charles                     4:58.34            38        V.I.Pace Runners

6.      Andrew Gordon                 5:00.82            36

7.      Emerson Rene                    5:06.11            17        St.Croix Educational Complex HS

8.      George Willock                  5:11.55            28        HOVENSA

9.      Lawrence Lockhart III        5:22.33            15        St.Croix Educational Complex HS

10.  Allen Johannes                   5:31.01            26        The Village

11.  Akil-Talib Andrews            5:31.01            36       

12.  Davis Rene                         5:36.55            24       

13.  Kendall Jnd-Finn                5:39.18            24        St.Croix Educational Complex HS

14.  Bob Halk                           5:45.16            26

15.  Barrymore Berley               5:45.59            30        V.I.Express Track Club

16.  No name                           5:48.10

17.Michael Dampier                5:48.34            9          V.I.Express Track Club

18.Pedro Morales                   5:49.59            42

19.Jesse Brady                        5:52.49            43        The Village

20.No Name                           6:04.91

21. Kenneth Telemarque           6:05.20            18        St.Croix Educational Complex

22.Ronald Russell                    6 :05.75           44        The Virgin Islands Track & Field Fed.

23.Howard O'Bryan                6:12.26            13        V.I.Express Track Club

24.Gus Dampier                      6:37.94            12        V.I.Express Track Club

25.Andy Richards                    6:42.39            35

26.Vanbeek Fontaine              6:44.30            28        The Village 

The Finishers Female: 

Place:   Name:                          Time:                Age:     Organization

1.    Jackie Morgan                   5:23.55            18        University of New Mexico

2.    Evalise Gomez                   5:41.08            13        Arthur Richards Jr. HS

3.    Jo Shim                             5:52.08            47

4.    Fennel Doyle                     6:11.28            24

5.    Jawana Goodwin               6:14.37            12        St.Croix Track Club

6.    Chantelle Paul                    6:14.71            15        Barrcudas Track Club 

7.    Elizabeth Armstrong           6:18.90            32       

8.    Le Kisha Lockhart 6:33.98            14        Barrcudas Track Club

9.    J'Kiwa Goodwin                6:35.02            16        St.Croix Track Club

10.  Susan Armstrong               6:37.06            31 

Male 20 and Under 

1.      Bill Bohkle

2.      Lawrence Lockhart II

3.      Jabari Goodwin

 Female Under 20 

1.      Jackie Morgan

2.      Chantelle Paul

3.      Le Keshia Lockhart 

Male Under 14 

1.      Michael Dampier

2.      Howard O'Bryan

3.      Gus Dampier

Female Under 14 

1.      Evalise Gomez

2.      Jawana Goodwin 

Male Over 40 

1.      George Cannon

2.      Pedro Morales

3.      Jesse Brady

 Female Over 40

 1. Jo Shim

For Immediate Release January 3, 1998
Results The Three Kings Mile
New King.   Same Queen

The 16th Annual Three Kings Mile Road Race crowned a new king as St. Croix's Billy Bohlke took the lead at the half-way and ran 4 minutes 17 seconds for his first win in the annual race which kicks off the Three Kings Parade. A mishap at the half-way point in the race where runners turn on to King St., saw Jabari Goodwin the of the St. Croix Track Club, and the race leader, fall to the ground, he recovered to take 5th place.  Bohlke, a freshman at Louisana State University and a member of the LSU cross-country team and track teams, ran steady throughout the one mile race and was in a pack of four runners who went out fast at the start.   Lawrence Lockhart of the St. Croix Educational Complex gave a very strong challenge and finished 2nd in 4:24.46; Greg Johnson, a John H.Woodson Jr. High School Teacher and a masters runner, finished 3rd in 4:38.36; Ayodele Bain a St.Joseph's High School Grad. and a Houston Tillotson student/athlete was 4th in 4:22.28; Jabari Goodwin was 5th in 4:48.77. 

  Twelve year old Evelise Gomez of the V.I.Express Track Club retained her crown as Queen of the Three Kings Mile with a second win in a row for the race.  She clocked the course in record time 5:08.98; Jackie Morgan a student at St.Croix Country Day School finished second in 5:16.31; Janice Brown was third in 5:34.15; Jo Shim, a masters runners, was fourth in 5:39.64; Jawana Goodwin was fifth in 5:40.17. 

The Finishers Male: 

1.             Billy Bohlke                           4:17.46

2.             Lawrence Lockhart              4:24.46

3.             Greg Johnson                       4:38.36

4.             Ayodele Bain                        4:42.28

5.             Jabari Goodwin                     4:48.77

6.             Wallace Williams                 4:53.04

7.             George Willock                     5:04.91

8.            Kerian Locke                     5:08.65

9.             Raymond Galloway              5:08.85

10.           Barrymore Barry                   5:11.48

11.           Phil Joseph                            5:12.52

12.           Reuben Gomez                      5:16.85

13.           Dough Branch                      5:25.28

14.           Morgan Locke                      5:48.32

15.           Ronnie George                      5:55.08

16.           John Warlick                         5:59.91

17.           Devon Locke                        6:01.42     

13 and Under Category  


1.             Kieran Locke                         5:08.65                    13

2.             Reuben Gomez                      5:16.85                    11

3.             Morgan Locke                      5:48.32                    11

4.             Devon Locke                        6:01.42                    9


1.             Evelise Gomez                       5:08.98                    12

2.             Jawana Goodwin                  5:40.17                    11

 The Finishers Female: 

1.             Evelise Gomez                       5:08.98

2.             Jackie Morgan                      5:16.31

3.             Janice Brown                        5:34.15

4.             Jawana Goodwin                  5:40.17

5.             Jo Shim                                  5:39.64

6.             Casilda Jhero                        5:55.08

7.             Keri Burkhalter                     6:00.82

8.             Dana Branch                         6:13.59


January 4, 1997 Christiansted

 Results 15 Annual 3 Kings Mile Results 

Place       Name                                    Time                       Age 

1.        George Jules                                 4:23                         27

2.        Constance Alexander                    4:38                        

3.        Lawrence Lockhart III                  4:40                         15

4.        Greg Johnson                               4:45                         45

5.        Jeramy Laurent                             4:58                         28

6.        Sheldon Williams                          5:04                         14     

       First Place Junior

7.        Emerson Rene                               5:09                         15           

Second Place Junior

8.        Jabari Goodwin                             5:19                         15           

Third Place Junior

9.        Barrymore Berley                         5:22                         28

10.     Steve Phang Yu                            5:39                         18

11.     Nestor Felix                                 5:49                         24

12.     Janson Shin                                  5:54                         14           

Fourth Place Junior

13.     Rubin Gomez                               5:54                         10           

First Place Youth

14.     Adrian Durant                              6:48                         12

Second Place Youth

15.     Winston Graham                          7:02                         36


Place       Name                                 Time                       Age


1. Evelise Gomez                               5:34                         11          

Exceptional Performance

2. Jo Shim                                         5:41                         45

3.Chantelle Paul                               5:47                         13

4.Sarah Foley                                   5:48                         24           

5. J.Kiwa Goodwin                           6:46                         14

First Place Junior

 Results The 14th Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race

01/07/96 Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands--George Jules was the winner going away in the 14th Annual 3Kings Mile Road Race held in Federiksted at the start of the 3Kings Parade.  He sprinted to a lead which no runner would overcome as he finished the fast point-to-point course in 4 minutes and 12 seconds, just 8 seconds off the course record.  Sarah Foley won the race for the women which had only two participants,  in 5 minutes and 43 seconds. Ruth Charlery a student at the St. Croix Educational Complex, was second in 6:14.69. 

In the male race the competition for second through seventh place was fierce.  Second place was so close that Wallace Williams the founder of the race and the oldest runner in the race at 49 had to lean at the finish in 4:28.49 to just nip out 14 year old Sheldon Williams 4:28.70 one of the two youngest in the field, for the second place spot.   Both had to chase and overcome George Cannon who enjoyed a 30 meter lead at the half way point. Cannon finished fourth in 4:33.57.  Colin Brook 4:38.47 and 5th , held off Lincoln Duncan 4:38.76 6th and Andres Johansen of Denmark 4:39.10 7th,  8th place went to Billy Bohlke 4:48.89; 9th Francis Midreal 5:02.50; 10th Ian Bass 5:03.09; 11th Akil Andrews 5:06.20; 12. Judge Alphonso Andrews 5:16.56; 13. Dellon Cave 5:19.37; 14. Carlton Bell 5:28.97; 15. Alfred Cordice 5:53.28.

Sheldon Williams time was the fastest ever recorded for a 14 year old in the Virgin Islands.