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Cane Bay 5Mile...Jingle Bell Run/Walk...2013
Turkey Winners: Juan Robles, Bridgett Campbell, Angelo Espinosa, Carol Fricks, Krystal Lanclos, Jay Gleason, Dulcie Crowther, Myron Baker, Laura Johnson, Dominic Pugliese,    

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Bohlke and Harper...
Repeat Winners Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race...

START The Annual V.I.Pace Runners Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race…                           V.I.Pace Runners Photo

12-15-2012 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--The last road race for the year in St.Croix, The Annual V.I.Pace Runners Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race was held on the scenic North Shore with the start/finish at Can Bay Beach.  What has been the set for numerous and popular feature movies including: The Island of Dr. Moreau and Trading Places to name two, in December becomes one of the most beautiful road race courses found anywhere. 

                A group of 35 runners lined up for the start of the race. Billy Bohlke, led the way as he took first place to add to his other first place titles in the race, including 2011 and ran the 5Mile course in 30 minutes 50 seconds; John Silo was second in 33:00; Mike Klein, St. Croix 2012 50Mile Champion, was third in 33:20; Steve Horness was fourth in 35:04 and Paul Evora was fifth in 35:24.

                Theresa Harper also added to her first place titles in the race with a repeat first place finish and fifth place overall with a time of 35:12; Julia Sommer (pushing her children in a stroller) was second with a time of 43:37; Julie Eckard was third in 45:40; Alexis Folger was fourth in 49:08 and Mary Brandt was fifth in 50:44.

The Finishers MALE:

1.Billy Bohlke 30:50; 2. John Silo 33:00; 3. Mike Klein 33:20; 4. Steve Horness 35:04; 5. Paul Evora 35:24; 6. T.J. Vandehey 36:06; 7. Wayne Nichols 37:48; 8. Jay Gleason 39:02; 9. Dennis Zidek 39:23; 10. John Harper 42:42; 11. Roger Hatfield 43:59; 12. Scott Mc Donald 49:08; 13. Teddy Seymour 49:25; 14. Dave Ziemmer 53:21; 15. Steve  Kammerselt 53:39; 16. Dave Sommers 53:43; 17. Aaron Kissaky 58:21.

The Finishers FEMALE:

1.Theresa Harper 35:12; 2. Julie Sommer 43:37; 3. Julie Eckard 45:40; 4. Alexis Folger 49:08; 5. Mary Brandt 50:44; 6. Ashley Ruffo 50:44;  7. Melanie Feltmate 50:45; 8. Sarah Reardon 53:08; 9. Nichole Johnson 54:06; 10. Kelly Roebuck 56:15; 11. Maggie Ferras 62:57; 12. Michelle Dizon 64:23; 12. Michele Dizon 54:23; Shela Deevy 68:13; Shazia Abdulla 70:57; 14. Giselle Evora 73:19; Rose Langley 73:21.

Age Category Results:

20-29 Male
1. John Silo 33:00; 2.T.J. Vandehey 36:06; 3. Aaron KIsecky 58:21

30-39 Male
1.Billy Bohlke 35Z:12; 2. Jay Gleason 39:02; 3. Dennis Zidek 39:23; 4. Steve Kammerselt 5:3:39;

40-49 Male
1.Mike Klein 33:20; 2. Steve Horness 35:04; 3. Paul Evora 35:24; 4. Dave Ziemer 53:21

1.Wayne Nichols 37:48; 2. John Harper 42:42; 3. Dave Sommer 53:45*

1.Roger Hatfield 43:59

1.Teddy Seymour 49:25

20-29 Female
1.Melanie Feltmate 50:45

30-39 Female
1.Julie Somer 43:37 (with stroller); 2. Alexis Folger 49:08; 3. Mary Brandt 50:44; 4. Nichole Johnson 54:06; 5. Kelly Roebuck 56:15; 6.Maggie Ferras 62.57

1.Theresa Harper 35:12; 2. Julie Eckard 45:40; 3. Michelle Dizon 64:23; 4. Shelia Deevy 68:13; 5. Shazia Abdulla 70:57; 5. Gizelle Evora 73:19; 6. Rose Langley 73:21  


1] Juan Robles, V.I. National Steeplechase record holder and CARIFTA medal winner is a senior at Turabo University of Puerto Rico, had plans for running this race but arrived late to St. Croix, then decided to run in the VITFF development track and field meet later in the day. He too has won this race several times (see V.I.Pace Runners Bulletin: Results VITFF Development Meet Sat. Dec. 15, 2012

2] Several runners wore festive costumes to mark the Christmas spirit.

The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar is the Children Race on January 4, 2013 and 800m road race for Children 13 and under and the 3Kings Mile on January 5.

For information: logon to: call: 340-643-2557 email:



Bohlke and Harper return to last race of the year with wins...

Backdrop start/finish line Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race...









Billy Bohlke...                                             Theresa Harper...

Julie Sommers and son and mom to be again!
Start: annual Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race...

 12-17-2011 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--No stranger to winning this event, Billy Bohlke V.I. national record holder at 10k, 5k, 3k, 1500m and the mile, was the winner going away in what traditionally has become the last race of the year on the V.I.Pace Runners calendar.  Bohlke with his son Jack, daughter Isablle and wife Laurie on the side rooting for dad, ran the scenic out-and-back course in 32 minutes and 24 seconds.  Mike Klein used the race for training for the St. Croix 50 Mile coming up in January, finished second in 33:37; newcomer  Brad Lenhart was third in 35:23; Troy Holloway also training for the St. Croix 50 Mile was fourth in 36:21 and Dave Mann was fifth in 38:01.

          After being away for this race since 2005, when she won it, Theresa Harper led all the way and took first place for females and fifth overall in the race with a time of 36:13; Laurie Brenner from Pittsfield, Mass was second 44:51; Alice Kuo was third in 44:54; Chelsy Harris was fourth in 45:12 and Katie Buitenkek was fifth in 45:27.

The Finishers Male:

1.Billy Bohlke 32:34; 2. Mike Klein 33;37; 3. Brad Lenhart 35:23; 4. Troy Holloway 36:21; 5. Dave Mann38:01; 6. Roger Hatfield 41:37; 7. Fred Flint 43:35; 8. Jason Louis 44:24; 9. John Stommel 44:48; 10. Will Franks 45:08; 11. Dave Zimmer 49:04; 12. Teddy Seymour 51:21; 13. Scott McChain 51:26

The Finishers Female:

1.Theresa Harper 36:13; 2. Laurie Brenner44:51; 3. Alice Kuo 44:54; 4. Chelsy Harris 45:12; 5. Katie Buit6enhek 45:27; 6. Julie Eckard 46:56; 7. Mandi Roberts 46:30; 8. Julie Sommer 51:21; 9. Carol Murphy 57:11; 10. Katlyn Murphy 57:11

Male: 30-39

1.Billy Bohlke 32:34; 2. Mike Klein 33:37; 3. Dave Mann 35:23; 4. Jason Louis 44:24
Male: 40-49

1.Brad Lenhart 35:23; 2. Troy Holloway36:21; 3. Dave Zimmer 49:94; 4. Scott McChain 51:26

Male: 50-59

1.Fred Flint 45:33; 2. John Stommel 44:48

Male: 60 & Over

1.Roger Hatfield 41:37; 2. Will Franks 45:08; 3. Teddy Seymour 51:21

Female: 20 and Under

1.Katyln Murphy 57:11

Female: 30-39

1.Alice Kuo 44:54; 2. Chelsy Harris 45:12; 3. Katie Buit6enhek 45:27; 4. Julie Eckard 46:56; 5. Mandi Roberts 46:30; 6. Nisha Srivastava No Time

Female: 40-49

1.Theresa Harper 36:13

Female: 50-59

1.Carol Murphy 57:11

With Baby Stroller

1.Julie Sommer 49:04

The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar is The 25th Annual Children Race on January 6, followed by The 30th Annual 3Kings Mile on January 7

For information contact: V.I. Pace Runners 340-643-2557; Logon to:;

Jowasis gets first win...
 Snow takes 5Mile...

The Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race is the last road race for the year in St. Croix.  It is run on scenic North Shore Road.  Tyler Jowasis reached his goal of running under 33 minutes and finished first with time of 32:59; Heidi Snow, the 2009 V.I. Marathon Champion took first place for female runners with a time of 38:09; Paul Evora was the second place male, his time was 34:27; Dulcie Crowther was the second place female in 40:16; Jason Snow was the third place male in 35:00 and Britta Luzny was the third place female in 40:53.

V.I.Pace Photo                                                                                              

The Finishers Male:

1.Tyler Jowasis 32:59; 2. Paul Evora 34:27; 3. Jason Snow 35:00; 4. Mike Klein 35:17; 5. Albion Thomas 37:20; 6. Troy Holloway 38:10; 7. Brad Chafee 38:43; 8. Scott Fricks 39:23; 9. TJ Vandehey 39:56; 10. Michael Bertrand 40:52; 11. Moe Chabuz 42:15; 12. Robbie Stamper 45:14; 13. Karim Hill 45:46; 14.David Simer 48:53; 15. Scott Mc Chain 50:02

 V.I.Pace Photos

The Finishers Female: 1. Heidi Snow 35:00; 2. Dulcie Crowther 40:16; 3. Britta Luzny 40:53; 4. Sara Stamper 46:41; 5. Jamila Benn 48:53 

                                                                                            V.I.Pace Photo

                                                                                              V.I.Pace Photo

Bohlke and newcomer Pomicter close out the year with victories at Cane Bay 5Mile… 

12-19-2009 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--The annual Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race as a tradition is the last Virgin Islands Pace Runners race of the year.  Run on the north shore road along the coast of Cane Bay and Carambola Resort, runners are usually blessed with as close to ideal running conditions in the sub-topics as they can get.  Billy Bohlke and newcomer, Kara Pomicter took advantage of the light and cool breeze to be the first place finishers in Saturday’s race.  Bohlke led the race from the start and cruised to the finish with a time of 29:09 to win the race for the fifth time and each time that he has run it.  Kara Pamicter found a more challenging path to victory as he was to hold off Dulcie Crowther to become the first female finisher.  Her time was 39:35.  Paul Ewra was second in the race in 34:39; 2007 winner, Troy Holloway was third in 34:47.  Dulcie Crowther was a close second in 40:39; Amanda Warehime was third in 42:07 

The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 29:09; 2. Paul Ewra 34:39; 3. Troy Holloway 34:47; 4. Mike Klein 36:45; 5. Scott Fricks 36:35; 6. Brad Chaffee 39:27; 7. Fred Flint 39:39; 8. Will Franks 43:31; 9. John Harper 44:23; 10. Teddy Seymour 46:32; 11. Scott Mc Chain 51:19; 12. David Johnson 63:49

 The Finishers Female:

 1.Kara Pomicter 39:35; 2. Dulce Crowther 40:09; 3. Amanda Warehime 42:07; 4. Olga Capriola 51:34; 5. Michele Dizon 54:29; 6. Nicole Johnson 56:15

 The first V.I. Pace Runners race for 2010 will be The Children Race on Friday January 1 which kicks-off the Children’s Parade of the Crucian Christmas Festival.  The race is for boys and girls 13 and under with awards to 13 and under and 9 and under.  The race starts at 10am at the corner of Fisher and King Streets in Frederiksted and ends at Fort Frederik, the distance is 800 meters (half-mile).

 The next day, January 2 at 10am, The 27th Annual 3Kings Mile kicks off the adult parade. This race is open to all runners with no age limit.  The distance is one mile and the race starts at Claudo O. Markoe school and follows the parade route as does the Children Race to Fort Frederik.

 Entry forms can be found at: call: 340-643-2557 

Bohlke/Sommer Close out the year as victors...


12-20-08--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Runners who show up for the last race of the year on the V.I.Pace Runners Calender can expect conditions to be as near ideal as they can get in the sub-tropics.  The Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race on the north shore of the island of St.Croix is basically flat and along the scenic Caribbean with views of Davis Bay, St.Thomas, St.John and the British Virgin Islands as the backdrop. 

The group was led to the finish line of the out-and-back course by Billy Bohlke and Julie Sommer.  Bohlke ran the course in 27 minutes 55 seconds for first place overall and Somers ran it in 39:28 for first place female and Carol Murphy was second in 43:13.   

Richard Jeanpierre was second in33:46; Troy Holloway, last year’s winner, was third in 33:59; Matt Halk was fourth in 34:37 and Bob Halk was fifth in 35:31. 

The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 27:55; 2. Richard Jeanpierre 33:46; 3. Troy Holloway 35:58; 4. Matt Halk 34;37; 5. Bob Halk 35:31; 6. Nikolas Franks 36:15; 7. Scott Fricks 38;17; 8. Brad Chaffee 39:02; 9. Sebastian Franks 39:17; 10. Bill Graham 43:14; 11. Todd Nurnberger 45:15; 12. John Stammel 46:02; 13. John Picou 47:45 

The next races on the V.I. Pace Runners Calendar: The St.Croix International Marathon Jan. 1, 5am; The Children Race Jan. 2, 10am; The 3Kings Mile Jan.3; The Dolphin Sea Swim Jan. 4, 11am.

Holloway wins fist race…
Aurelein has breakthrough run…

December 23, 2007--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The annual running of the Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race, the last of 20 races in St. Croix each year as well, offers local runners to close out the year with a race run on the scenic seaside North Shore Road. from Cane Bay Beach. 

Troy Holloway took advantage of the cool morning breeze and won his first St.Croix road race with a time of 36 minutes and 3 seconds.  Fellow tri-athlete Scott Fricks was second in 37: 23; Mark Kennedy was third in 38:43; Bill Graham was fourth in 39:04; Brad Chafee was fifth in 39:43; Sebastian Franks was sixth in 40:25; Nicholas Franks was seventh in 40:28; John Harper was eighth in 42:11 and Will Franks was ninth in 42:50. 

Sherma Aurelien had a breakthrough performance in her first road race win as she led the race into the 3rd mile and took first place for females in 37:06 (personal record) and second place overall.  Sherma was a V.I. National Cross-Country Team which won back-to-back medals in Bermuda and Acapulco a few years ago.  Carol Murphy was the second place female and just a few seconds back with a time of 37:28; Sissel Holloway was third in 39:18; Dulcie Crowther was fourth in 39:25; Amanda Worhime was fifth in 41:41; Valarie Shoppell was sixth in 46:39.


 Robles and Harper victorious in last race for the 2005…

 December 17, 2005--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Between the Virgin Islands Pace Runners in St. Croix and the STAR (the St. Thomas Association of Runners) there are over sixty road races and cross-country races conducted in the Virgin Islands annually.  The Land Sharks in St. John host a couple of road races and counting events conducted by community organizations, it is fair to say that running is alive and well in the Territory.  “More people are into the fitness mode now”, according to Wallace Williams, Founder of the Virgin Islands Pace Runners.  “The motto for V.I. Pace 25 years ago was run for fun, run for health, run for life”.  We held fitness runs on Saturday mornings at the College of the Virgin Islands in partnership with the 4-H program”.  With the coming of the St.Croix Bike Path, planned by Cruzan Bikeways for the south shore, we will finally have a safe and scenic place for people exercise out of the path of motor vehicles.  We’ve come a long way.” 

Runners in St. Croix has the opportunity to close-out the year with the running of the annual V.I. Pace Runners Cane Bay 5Mile Road Race (3rd race in the V.I.Pace Runners Run Like the Wind Road Race Series) on the scenic north shore.  Central High School’s Juan Robles continued his winning streak with a first place finish in 29 minutes and 7 seconds; Patrick Joy was second overall in 33:23; Theresa Harper was the first place female and third overall in 35:19; Tapia Cesar was fourth place male in 35:48 and Pedro Merinez of John H.Woodson Jr. HS was fifth in 38:04. Earthla Augustin was the second female finisher in 39:40; Louise Stapleton was third in 41:007; Rachel Witty (8.5 month pregnant) was fourth in 47:00. 

The Finishers Male: 

1.Juan Robles, St. Croix Central HS 29:07; 2. Patrick Joy 33:23; 3. Tapia Cesar, CHS 35:48; 4. Pedro Merinez, John H. Woodson Jr. HS 38:04; 5. Sebastian Franks 38:48; 6. Will Franks 39:00; 7. Mark  Kennedy  40:19; *8. John Harper; *9. Roger Hatfield 41:04; 10. Stuart Ketchum 42:35; 11. Robin Franks 46:06; 12. Nicholas Franks 46:08; 13. Larry Williams 47:31; 14. Jose Ramirez, CHS 50:21

The Finishers Female:

1.Theresa Harper 35:19; 2. Earthla Augustin 39:10; 3. Louise Stapleton 41:07; 4. Rachel Witty 47:00

 *Individual start

Jules and Harper win last V.I. Pace Runners event of the year… 

12-19-04--St. Croix, Virgin Islands--As a top long distance runner in the Virgin Islands for many years, George Jules reached a point where he lost the motivation to continue with the hard training required to stay at the top.  In October 16 year old Juan Robles beat Jules in the CoastWeeks Beach Relay where they were matched together in the first two mile leg.  The motivation would come from that race, the urge to get back into the game.  So it was at Cane Bay with the Davis Bay mountains and the Hamm’s Bluff light house as the back drop Jules and Robles were together stride for stride on the course that traces the water’s edge the entire route.  Between the 2 and 3 three mile points Robles dropped off the pace and the more experienced Jules took advantage and open the gap to the finish and won with a time  27 minutes and 58 seconds.  Robles was second in 29:54; 14 year-old Hansel Estepan wad third in 30:27; Leopold Federicks fourth in 31:24 and Richard Jean Pierre fifth in 32:31.   

Theresa Harper has won every V.I.Pace Runners race on the current calendar (including a tie for first in the Cane Bay 5 Road Race).  She took first place on Saturday without challenge with a time of 35:03. Her next race is the 3rd St. Croix Millennium Marathon on New Year’s Day.  With a victory in that race she will be the top local woman from the mile to the marathon.  Tish Dusich, out of training for a while still managed to take second place in 38:49; Tesha Distad was third in 39:50; Cathy Prince was fourth in 50:33 and Janet Jean Pierre was fifth in 55:43. 

The Finishers Male: 

1.George Jules 27:58; 2. Juan Robles 29:54; 3. Hansel Estepan 30:27; 4. Leopold Fredericks 31:24; 5. Richard Jean Pierre 32:31; 6. Mike Klein 33:40; 7. Gunnar Sanden 36:44; 7. Will Franks 39:32; 8. Errol Chichester 39:50; 9. Nickolas Franks 40:16; 10. Robin Franks 40:23; 11. Sebstian Franks 42J5; David Swisher 44:33; Mike Hill 48:56. 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Theresa Harper 35:03; 2. Tish Dusich 38:49; 3. Tesha Distad 39:50; 4. Cathy Prince 50:33; Janet Jean Pierre 55:33. 

The next event on the V.I. Pace Runners calendar is the 3rd St. Croix Millennium Marathon on January 1, 5am.  For information call: 340-777-0258 or 340-643-2557 logon to: or for entry form and information.

Results: The Virgin Islands Pace Runners Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race 

 12/20/03 St.Croix, V.I.--On a beautiful morning at Cane Bay on the North Shore of St.Croix, Billy Bohlke led the field of runners for is second victory in two years with a time of 27 minutes and 43 seconds.  Central High School freshman, Juan Robles was second in 30:04; Leopold Fredericks took third in 31:24; Sebastian Franks was fourth  in 33:04 and Mike Klein was fifth in 33:15. 

Tish Dusich was the first female finisher in the race with a time of 32:01, she was fourth overall. Theresa Harper, the winner of the race in 1999 tied with Rachel Witty for second place in 35:05; Robin Hooks was third in 37:34; Cindy Male was fourth in 51:29; Jill Updike was fifth in 51:32; Charlotte Budrow sixth in 1:04:04 and Megan Schonfelt seventh in 1:09.25. 

 The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 27:43; 2.Juan Robles 30:04; 3.Leopold Fredericks 31:24; 4.Sebastian Franks 33:04; 5.Mike Klein 33:15; 6.Bob Halk 35:13; 7.Robin Franks 37:34; 8.Hansel Estapan 38:13; 9.Will Franks 38:27; 10.Van Wood 39:10; 11.Scott Franks 39:50; 12.Kevin Morgan 40:02; 13.Davidson DePaula 41:34; 14.Rey Lutz 41:51; 15.Leon Reyes 42:06; 16.Jose Reyes 42:10; 17.Doug Brady 42:47; 18.Pete Skrivanus 48:55; 19.Peter Brown 1:04.04. 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Tish Dusich 32:01; 2.Theresa Harper, Rachel Witty 35:05; 3.Robin Franks 37:34; 4.Cindy Male 51:29; 5.Jill Updike 51:32; 6.Charlotte Budrow 1:04.04; 7. Megan Schonfelt 1:05.25

Results: Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race

     St. Croix, Virgin Islands--12/21/02--Troyson Raymon took first place in the annual Virgin Islands Pace Runners Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race with a time of 35 minutes 29 seconds.  It was the first time Raymond has raced more than the 3.1 mile distance and, the 14 year-old junior high school runners with the V.I. Express Track Club took the lead in the race early and maintained it.  In an equally impressive performance, 13 year-old Miguel Miranda of the John H. Woodson Junior High School took second place in 36:34.  It was his first road race.  Louis Colon of the Stars 2000 Track Club was the third place finisher in 38:04.  Judi Fricks lead the women’s field of runners to the finish with a time of 48:52; Pattie Hensley was second in 50:23; Debbie Aronstein was third in 52:21 and Marie Witmer was fourth in 56:03.
     Continuing with order of finish for the men: Will Franks was 4th in 39:12; Dharyson D’Paula 5th in 39:16; Carlos Flores 6th 39:47; Ray Ruiz 7th 40:14; Scott Fricks 8th 40:46; John Harper 9th 40:56; Sebastian Franks 10th 41:47; Nikolas Franks 41:47; Robin Franks 11th 43:52; Rey Lutz 12th Tyler Jowaisas 13th 69:58;  Unofficial finishers: Bruno Montoute 44:30; Ahmatah Isreal 46:24
     The next race on the Virgin Islands Pace Runners calendar is The 2nd St. Croix International Marathon on January 1, at 5:00 am start/finish Salt River. 

LSU Track Stars Tie at Cane Bay 5 Mile

St.Croix, Virgin Islands 12/15/01--Lots of rain and unusual winds marked the setting 
for the annual Cane Bay 5 Mile Road, the third race in the four-race, V.I.Pace
Runners "Run Like the Wind" Road Race Series.  With only a few hours of sleep,
Billy Bohlke and his teamate at Louisiana State University, Brian Martin, crossed 
the finish line together in 29 minutes and 29 seconds. Both were given first place.
Leopold Fredericks took second in 30:18; Gunnar Sanden third in 36:54; Will
Franks was fourth in 38:53; John Harper fifth in 41:09 and Paul Koleszar
sixth in 44:04.

Theresa Harpper won the race for the second time in a row with a time of
34:52, she now leads the series.  Earthla arthur took second in 38:53 Niki
was third with an unofficial time.

The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar is the awards program on
December 29 at 3:00 p.m. at the Florence Williams Public Library.  Runners
who participated in the Fort-to-Fort Relay, the West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road
Race and the 2000 Run Like the Wind Series will receive their awards.
Highlights of the Sydney Olympics Track and Field Competition will be shown.
  The next race is The Children Race on January 4 followed by the Three
Kings Mile on January 5.  These races precede the annual parades on
respectived days.  This year the parades and races are in Frederiksted.  The
Children's Race starts at the corner of King and Fisher Streets, the Three
Kings Mile starts at Claude O. Markoe School.  Both races finish at Fort

 Cane Bay Five Miler Was
the Last Race of the Millennium

 December 6, 2000--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Saturday morning's annual Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race held on St.Croix's North Shore, is traditionally the last run of the year for Virgin Islands' runners. This year perhaps, was more special due to the significance of the millennium celebration. George Jules ended the year in style as he took the lead from Lawrence Lockhart (leader in the four-race Run Like the Wind Road Race Series) going into the second mile with the scenic Davis Bay in the foreground. He stopped the clock in 27 minutes and 6 seconds to win. Lockhart was strong in second place in 29:51at a distance a bit long for his liking and training. Kent Bradbury, in recovery from the Florida Ironman, barely held of charging Leopold Fredericks (winner of the West Indies Lab 5 Mile in October) for third place in 30:01; Fredericks clocked 30:02. George Cannon was fifth in 33:13.

     Earthla Arthur, a strong contender for series crown, helped her cause by taking first place Saturday with a time of 39:19. Xiamara Gomez, also a contender, kept it close by taking second in 46:47 and ahead of her younger sister, Evelise Gomez, who was third in 51:56. Debbie Aronstein tied for fourth with Pam Reid in 56:14.

The Finishers Male: 1. George Jules 27:06; 2. Lawrence Lockhart 29:51; 3. Kent Bradbury 30:01; 4. Leopold Fredericks 30:02; 5. George Cannon 33:13; 6. Kevin Burton 34:26; 7. Gunnar Sanden 35:21; 8. Earnest Jalim 36:52; 9. Will Franks 37:01; 10. Roger Hatfield 38:23; 11. Wes Whitehurst 38:38; 12. Van Wood 41:45; 13. Luke Fredericks 43:55; 14. Gary Gett; 15. Teddy Seymour No Time

The Finishers: Female: 1. Earthla Arthur 39:19; 2. Xiamara Gomez 46:47; 3. Evelise Gomez 51:56; 4. Debbie Aronstein 56:14, Pam Reid 56:14

Bradbury and Harper Take Last Road Race
of the Century--The Annual Canebay 5 Mile  

December 20, 1999--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Kent Bradbury and Theresa Harper have the honor of winning the last road race of the century in theVirgin Islands.  Bradbury was the victor over Lawrence Lockhart, St.Croix Educational Complex graduate and top cross-country runner at Alabama State University this, his freshmen year.  Their times were 29 minutes and 14 seconds and 29 minutes and 37 seconds respectively.  Leopold Federicks was third in 32:16.  Theresa Harper had an impressive win over a strong women's field of runners she has previously followed to the finish.  Her time was 35 minutes and 11 seconds.  Bradbury now leads in the men's category of the 4 race Run Like the Wind--Road Race Series with one first place and two second place finishes.  Harper is in a three-way time with Rachel Witty and Evelise Gomez. 

The Finishers Male:  1.Kent Bradbury 29:14.24; 2. Lawrence Lockhart 29:37.43; 3. Leopold Fredericks 32:16.08; 4. Kevin Cummins 35:31.37; 5. Teddy Seymour 35:57.26; 6. Gunnar Sanden 36:39.58; 7. Will Franks 37:43.37; 8. Kevin Burton 38:38.34; 9. Rey Ruiz 40:27.45; 10.  Merill Turner 41:16.88; 11.Van Wood 42:32.17; 12. Eric Hutchins 42:32.17; 13. Luis A. Gomez 48:28.63.  

The Finishers Female: 1. Theresa Harper 35:11.16; 2. Jo Shim 36:46.78; 3. Rachel Witty 37:33.79; 4. Shelly Anderson 41:11.29; 5. Dulcie Crowther 42:24.58; 6. Denise Blanchette 46:58.87; 7. Elena Shaubah 46:59.11.

Charles and Shim Win Annual Cane Bay 5Miler...

December 20, 1998--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Collin Charles made a comeback in road running with a victory in the annual Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race on St.Croix.  Charles finished first with a time of 31 minutes and 7 seconds. This is his first victory after several years of absence from the running scene where he has been successful from 5k to the marathon.  George Cannon out sprinted Kevin Cummins at the end to finish second in 31:45.   Cummins was third in 31:47.  Jo Shim was the first female in 36:24; Earthla Arthur second in 39:09 and Susan Armstrong third in 41:25.

Runners from the village were timed in a two mile segment of the race as follows:  Allen Johanes 13:22; Jesse Brady second in 14:25; Andy Richards third in 14:28 and Van Beek Fontaine fourth in 15:40. 

The Finishers Male:

Place     Name         Time

1.   Collin Charles 31:07

2.   George Cannon              31:45

3.   Kevin Cummins              31:47

4.   Jabari Goodwin               34:15

5.   Jay Wiltshire                   36:06

6.  William Franks 36:13

7.  Bob Halk                         38:05

8.  Angel Encarnacion         38:35

9.  Donald Mason                 39:44

10.James Campbell               45:04

11.Drew Villanagua              46:11


The Finishers Female:

Place     Name         Time

1.   Jo Shim                            36:24

2.   Earthla Arthur                 39:09

3.   Susan Armstrong           41:25

4.   Shelly Anderson            42:38

5.   Dana Villanagua             46:11

 Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race Results... 

December 13, 1997--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--George Jules reclaimed the lead in the four-race V.I.Pace Runners--Run Like the Wind Road Race Series by taking first place in the Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race on Saturday in St. Croix.  Jules breezed through scenic course on in 27 minutes and 52 seconds and now leads the series with two out of three first place finishes.  Jackie Morgan was the top female runner and second overall in the race with a time of 33 minutes and 28 seconds.  She regained her lead for females in the series and with two first place finishes out of three races also.   

For the male finishers, Josh Leban, a student of St. Croix Country Day School and a member of the St. Croix Dolphin Swim Team was 2nd  in 37:51; Warren Stansbury was 3rd  in 39:03; Bob Gilford 4th in 39:50; Ray Lutz 5th in 40:26; Ryan McTigue 6th in 41:06; Eric Hutchins 7th in 41:53.

For the female finishers Elizabeth Dieveney was 2nd in 41:58 and Laura Wellington was 3rd in 45:31

Cane Bay Five Mile Results

December 15, 1996--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--George Jules and Sara Foley continue winning.  Jules won the Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race in 26 minutes 46 seconds over a field of 20 runners.  Jabari Goodwin was second in 33:20 and Brian King was third in 35:34.  Foley was the first female and third overall in 33:34. Jackie Morgan a Country Day student was second in 34:51; Xamara Gomez was third in 37:26.   

The Finishers Men:

 1.George Jules  26:46; 2. Jabari Goodwin  33:20; 3. Jose Sanchez  34:31; 4. Brian King                         35:34; 5.Teddy Seymour  35:36; 6. Warren Stansbury 37:11; 7. Raymond Schultz  37:58; 8. Rueben Gomez  39:35; 9.Raphael Miro  40:56; 10.  David Myers 43:28 

The Finishers Female:
Sarah Foley  33:34; 2. Jackie Morgan 34:51; 3. Xamara Gomez  37:26; 4. Chantelle Paul                         37:39; 5. Evilise Gomez 37:40; 6.Shelby Cruz  43:27; 7. Jawana Goodwin 43:52; 8. J’Kiwa Goowin  49:52; 9. Lisa Caponi   54:55


--Shelby Cruz was the youngest participant at 8 year of age

--Raymond Schultz is from California on vacation.  He recently ran in the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco which had 100,000 runners

--There are 5 Goodwin brothers and sisters, there are in a home school program and run for the St. Croix Track Club. 

--one race remains in The Run Like the Wind” Road Race Series, The Flight #64 Four Mile on March 16


Results Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race 

December 17, 1995--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--A earlier than usual start made for ideal running conditions for the Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race on Saturday morning on St. Croix’s North Shore Road. It made for a very small field of runners who ran an interesting race.  None were able to best defending champion, George Jules who turned in a time of 26 minutes and 8 seconds; he is the leader in the The Virgin Islands Pace Runners--Run Like the Wind Series with two first place finishes.  Lenny Phillips, a Cornell University graduate and sub-15 minute 5k runner beginning his training for the Penn Relays in the spring, was second in 27:53.  George Cannon just beat cyclist Alex Betancourt by two seconds and ran 30:51 for third place.  Betancourt, running in cycling gear ran 30:53.  Lincoln Duncan, teammate to Jules on the Helenites Soccer team, was fifth in 32:24.